Step 1-Grain Receiving and Storage

Soft red winter wheat is delivered to our mill. The grain is tested to assure company standards, cleaned, and then sent to the grain storage facility where it is blended into mixes to be milled into flour.

Step 2-Grain Cleaning
Blended grain is moved from the grain storage elevator to the flour mill for cleaning. A milling separator, double scourer, and aspirator are all used in this process.


Step 3-Grain Conditioning

Cleaned wheat is then processed through a single scourer-aspirator, run through magnets, then sent through a tempering conveyor, and finally into an entoleter before being ground.

Step 4-Grain Breaking, Reduction, and Stream Separation
Cleaned and conditioned grain moves through four corrugated break rolls, eight smooth reducing rolls, three purifiers, and fourteen sifter sections, which split the flour streams into Short "Extra Fancy" Patent flour, Clear flour, and Straight-grind blends.


Step 5-Bleaching, Enriching, Mixing and Storage

Finished flour streams are enriched as per state law, bleached and conditioned to customer needs, and stored in either plain or self-rising versions.

Step 6-Mixing, Packaging and Delivery
Stored grades of flour are then used as bases for prepared mixes, breaders, or as finished products and packaged in 25 to 50 pound bags.